A Fruitful Interview

Fruitful Market is an all-organic grocery and kitchen that opened less than a year ago at Dundas and Carlaw where they have quickly become a welcomed edition to the Chic Leslieville neighbourhood. Fruitful Market stocks daily essentials from fresh produce, dairy, meat and grocery items to coffee and prepared salads and sandwiches for take-out.

The owner, Yannis Banks, comes from a finance background but has always loved food and grew up working in his mother’s restaurant. A couple of years ago, Yannis worked with an organic fertilizer company that led him to research organic agriculture and he became very aware of soil health and how greatly it can affect the nutrition in produce. Thus, Fruitful Market was created out of a desire to find and supply truly nutrient-dense food and the concept has evolved to include a kitchen where the produce brought in can have two functions/purposes.


Fruitful Market, from the street.

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Braised Rabbit & Mushrooms

It’s funny how you can spend your spare time day dreaming about what to cook for a class assignment, but those million ideas are thrown out the window as soon as you notice a whole rabbit on sale for $5/lb ($11/kg) at the grocery store. This rabbit called to me, the vegan cashier nagged me, and the cycle of life continues. In total, I paid $15.66 for the 3lb (1.4kg) rabbit.

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